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Beat The Red Light

Beat The Red Light are a band. Sometimes they play heavy music, sometimes they play fast music, sometimes they even play ska, sometimes they play music with brass in it. Sometimes they do all four at once!

Beat The Red Light push genre boundaries, mixing metal with ska and punk producing a massive sound and an incredible live show.


Formed in the summer of 2008 in the backstreets of Leeds, 7-piece Aggro-folk mob Bootscraper quickly gained themselves a reputation for their highly skilled musicianship, brilliant song-writing, and a captivating, energetic live show both locally and nationally.

They signed to Manchester punk label TNS Records for their first album "Country & Eastern" which saw them drawing upon their many musical influences to produce a mix of county, Balkan, punk, sea shanty, rockabilly, bluegrass, folk, gypsy and blues music which gained them rave reviews from magazines, radio stations and audiences at live venues on a national and international level.

The eclectic nature of Bootscraper's music means that there is no audience regardless of age, background or taste that can resist the musical charms of their wild and truly original sound.

Their second and self titled album is available from the web store,, iTunes, Amazon, Play and all good record stores now.

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Smokey Bastard

Making their debut HJAD appearance is Reading's finest diddle-meisters with an impressive array of instruments and musical styles in their ever growing arsenal.

Formed in early 2007, Reading-based Folk-Punk outfit Smokey Bastard have been playing raucous live shows around the UK and Europe since.

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Billy Liar

Scotland's finest angry young man turned incredible storytelling acoustic punk poet, one of the most honest and captivating solo performers you are ever likely to see.

Billy Liar is the romantic punk singer, travelling the world with a battered acoustic guitar and writing about everything he observes. He is a whirlwind of acoustic strings, folk poetry and trusty chords.

"There's no mistaking the passion, the presence of dedication, or the obvious talent for brilliant song writing.... Hard edged compositions with more than a foot in the genre of punk rock but, and this is where the wonder lies, governed and sustained by the predominant guidance of the acoustic guitar" MUSIC NEWS SCOTLAND

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Autopsy Boys

Autopsy Boys are 5 average, everyday, typical retro gaming, horror movie watching, garbage pail kid card collecting, comic book reading, lighter jacking, programme cracking, weed smoking, disco dancing, psychopathic drunken chanting, exam cheating, rival frat beating 80s screwball nerds who occasionally write the odd tune.

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Acid Drop

Already well established on the UK's underground scene, ACiD DROP put on an explosive live show renown for crown participation and a tongue in cheek sense of humour, usually leaving everyone involved disheveled but in want of more.

The rowdy Yorkshire based quartet are often compared with the up-tempo skate sounds of epitaph and fat wreck chords bands with the sing along anthems of side one dummy bands, drawing influence from the likes of NOFX, The Briggs, Bad Religion, Flogging molly and Gaslight Anthem with a pinch of The Slackers.

Summer 2013 will see the release of their new studio album 'The End Of Days'. Capturing a healthy dose of their live energy and mixing it with thoughtful and inspired song writing, ACiD DROP have created a 4 3/4 inch disc of gut wrenching awesomeness waiting to explode in your ears. This will be their first release on Manchester based TNSrecords partnered with their own Pie Race Records.

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Fallen Colossus

"Next up are newcomers Fallen Colossus [4/5], and as they launch into opener 'The Ranch, the Rapture', it’s apparent that we're in for some slightly more typical stoner/doom along the lines of up-tempo Electric Wizard. As their set progresses, however, it quickly becomes apparent that these guys are far from clones. The introduction of clean passages which recall the likes of Wishbone Ash, varying tempos and some frankly hilarious robot backing vocals betray a much wider diversity in their influences, and the band deftly switch between wistful interludes into ball-crushing doom and psychedelic Hawkwind-esque verses. For all this however, they don't seem to lose momentum for a minute, as heads begin to nod along, and faces begin to break out into almost involuntary grins of satisfaction. You see, although they are by no means short on prog influences, Fallen Colossus have actually set out to write songs first and foremost and dazzle with intricacy second, effectively delivering the goods on both counts. Undoubtedly with a few more shows under their belts they will have the audience singing along with their catchy stoner parts, and dribbling into their beers with their fretboard wizardry as guitarists Lee and Imran nimbly twiddle away. The set culminates in a huge twin lead solo, which rakes in ample applause." -

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The Ska Souls

A tour de force of spirit and energy from the first song to the last; The SkaSouls deliver a faithful and impressive back catalog of ska, reggae & rocksteady. From Justin Hinds to Rancid. NOT TO BE MISSED!

A collision of musicians from very different backgrounds; brought together to create a unique party sound, with more energy than you can shake a stick at! Go on, check us out!

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We Died At Sea

Mud Stomping, Fiddle Twiddling, Wasboard Rattling, Double Bass Slapping, Hokum, Blues, Ragtime and Gypsy.

Chris Wallum - Sings, Guitar, Accordion, Rob Bromley - Violin, Mandolin, Felipe Petry - Double Bass, Francis Watson - Percussion, Sings.

Backyard Burners

Backyard Burners have a raw country/bluegrass sound. Their extensive repertoire includes several bluegrass classics, a few more modern country numbers and some rock and roll hits. Occasionally they will throw in the odd punk song with a bluegrass feel.

Lewis has been playing electric guitar and drums since the ripe young age of 13. He has played in rock and punk bands in the past and currently sings and plays acoustic guitar and harmonica in Backyard Burners. Mark has played banjo for longer than he would care to remember although he is fond of telling people he only took it up 'at Christmas'. One listen to his amazing picking lets you know that this isn't true. He provides backing vocals and lead vocals on some tracks. Sarah was coerced into learning the double bass in order to join the band and had never played an instrument before. Luckily she picked it up quite well - she also sings backing vocals and some lead vocals.

X-Ray Cat (solo)

A stripped back solo set from one of Hempen Jigs longest standing and much loved performers, expect songs about prosthetic limbs, aquatic love and shoddy worksmanship.

Carpe Diem


Chris Milnes, Jacob Marston, Ashley Squires.

Campfires are a 3 piece alternative indie band based in Leeds.

Check out our demos, spread the word and share the love.

We play pretty music. Formed at lcm but surprisingly not a funk band. Kinda happy, but at the same time pretty sad. You'll maybe like us, maybe.

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The Michael Ainsley Band

Alt-Rock-Indie-Pop-Punk- band based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Part of the Philophobia Music gang.

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Kath & The Kicks

'Kath and The Kicks' are a Leeds based rock group who bring a 'new wave raucous edge' to female fronted rock music.

Genre pigeon-holing is near impossible with this elusive combination of Hard Rock /Alternative and at times Bluesy-Rockabilly female fronted outfit that offer a playground of surprises in their powerful pack of offerings. With a steel core of depth and crafted compression-bounce impact, Kath Edmonds’ vocals can transport you to another time and place.

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Insatellites are venturing into new ground. Taking their refined mixture of grunge and alt-rock - and combining it with such contrasting influences such as Brand New, Silversun Pickups, Everything Everything and Radiohead - these intrepid musicians are striving for a far more progressive sound, whilst still retaining the catchy vocal hooks and pounding intensity of their earlier material.

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Your New Antique

YNA have been described as “Melodic Alt. Rock”, delivering killer hooks with feverish speed, beguiling power and an expansive sound palette. Dark yet endearing lyrics supplied by deep, baritone vocals, distinct harmonies and thunderous rhythm complete YNA’s captivating noise.

Drawing from influences such as Joy Division, Mogwai, Interpol, Radiohead and The National, YNA conjured their own battle plan: Go out, all guns blazing, equipped with their musicality, strong sense of melody and an added dash of audacity.

After several years of gigging, writing, drinking and tomfoolery, they drew the attention of label “The Animal Farm” in London. Now YNA are preparing to release three singles this year with their new home…

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Cellar Door

Cellar Door are a Indie/Post Punk band from Teesside.

Liam- Words, Joe- Chords, Carl- Deep Sounds, Craig- Notes, Danny- Bangs

Soothing dark guitars mix, the sweat and swagger of early Kinks, the grit and bombast of New York Dolls all are what make Cellar Door.

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Little Baby Cheeses

Little baby Cheeses began life when seasoned singer-songwriter Colin Miles resolved to form a new band around his fresh ska-soaked material.

Putting together the sound Colin turned to life long friends and musical cohorts Charlie Hanmer, Joe Herzberg and Dave Dawson

With 20+ original songs and 50+ gigs on the clock, the cheeses mission to bring back the skank continues.

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Those Delta Wolves

The 4-piece guitar based rock band Those Delta Wolves hail from Leeds. Having been together just a few months, Aaron, Ben, Jonny and Mark have focused on creating the tracks they will play at intimate sweaty bar room gigs, large outdoor festivals and everything in-between. Influenced musically by blues, rock n' roll, punk and grunge, the band have crafted a raw, electric, guitar driven sound. Those Delta Wolves are defined by their high energy guitar riffs, crashing drums and howlin vocals.

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Sofie Sweet and her November Criminals

We are a Leeds based band with a very unique sound of blended rock, blues and country. Imagine a combination of unstoppable foot stomping rhythms, sinister lyrics but sweet, powerful and resounding melodies and your getting close to the creation that is Sophie Sweet and her November Criminals.

Influenced by both new and old styles we write original songs but also do renditions and covers of songs from inspiring artists such as Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton.

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