Thursday 22nd


Martin Plock

A wandering troubadour of the Scottish plains, Martin Plock merges elegant country blues guitar with baritone Cash style vocals.

Martin is launching his new album Repeating Mistakes on this night

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Boss Caine

Boss Caine are a folk/americana collective from York, England.

Formed around the songs and music of singer-songwriter Daniel Lucas (aka GT Turbo) they release their debut album on Little Num Num Music in march 2010.

The album, entitled 'The Ship That Sailed' contains a selection of tunes written by Lucas over the last few years. A time that saw him leave his home town for London, before returning to York and putting together the revolving line-up of local musicians that would become Boss Caine.

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Scott Wainwright

Sometimes in our culture, Musicians and artists battle on in territories and in realms that are for the most of us, uncharted. These artistic planes are often hidden from view or somewhat obscured by the dense foliage of popular culture and false celebrity image. Scott Wainwright is an Artist/Musician who is ploughing earth on such a plane as this, and it can be a lonely place. Having spent time in both duo and band set-ups, his decision to peruse a solo existence has opened up a multitude of artistic opportunities. Making a conscious effort early on in his pursuit to make his own mark in Music, Scott has found a very small audience for his work and these tend to be other musicians and artists who can better grasp his wayward experimentation.

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Chris Martin

Chris (The man in a hat) Martin is something of an enigma, having been found in a hand bag on Batley rail way station many years ago. He was educated by the finest minds in Europe and can speak fluently in 32 languages and dialects, holds degrees in both metaphysical theology and drawing with big crayons.

Musically he is a blues shouter and guitarist, playing slide and finger style and also lap style. Throughout a long and varied musical career, spanning well in excess of a year and a half he has both thrilled and puzzled audiences the world over (well round Yorkshire ). He may well talk more than he plays, but whatever happens someone should have a good time.

If there’s nowt on’t telly and it’s not raining go and see him, at least you’ll get a free Jaffa cake.

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