Saturday 10th August

Grove Festival

Motor City Blue

Motor City Blue are a 4 piece band, covering a wide range of blues, rock & soul.

The are from Leeds/Bradford/Harrogate and gig regularly around Yorkshire

Members are; Steve Knott - Vocals, Gary Whitaker - Guitar, Martin Kirk - Bass, Chris Stockings - Drums

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Henrys Radio

Henrys Radio are a 4 piece from Bradford

Members are Ian Walker,Ian Tilleard, Mark King, Rik Ironmonger

Music, story's, Flipside, Left Field, Experimental, unconventional, REALLY different Marjory, Benway, UBIK, The art of cracking up, The Loved Ones UK

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Whiter Than

Whiter Than has been slowly crafted over an extended period from 2005 to now.

It all started with Mat as a solo performer, recording some songs he had written during a tricky bit of life! We all have them ...

A couple of years further on and Mat met Helen. A lapsed fiddle player, she picked it up and dusted it off and found she was still bloody marvellous! So Mat insisted she join him.

Then (thanks to Mat running Open Mind open mic night at The Grove in Leeds) Zoe messaged to say she would like to come along and would anyone like to collaborate with a bass player. Mat messaged back quickly to say HE would like a bass player, she came and played, it worked rather well ... and that's the main line-up as we know it :)

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Lisa Marie Glover band

I rose from failed piano lessons, Catholic school choirs and singing along to Belinda Carlisle tapes with a hairbrush microphone.

I occasionally throw myself out of planes for fun and love being 20 metres below sea level with turtles and tropical fish. My influences are vast but if you take Fleetwood Mac, Eddi Reader, Cole Porter, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Ben Folds Five and Nina Simone you can start to get an idea of where I’m coming from musically.

Singing songs is the first thing I ever wanted to do. It’s in my blood, like Malaria.

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George Vincent

George Vincent is a young singer-songwriter from Leeds

He performs regularly at acoustic nights around Leeds

He has just released his debut album "Songs from The Cellar".

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Philip Cockerham

Philip Cockerham is a British singer, performer and songwriter. He is based in West Yorkshire, England, but plays nationally on the folk and acoustic music scene.

His songs contain a range of sometimes humorous, but always thought-provoking themes, with memorable hooks and irresistible choruses! There are also some familiar traditional songs, but delivered in a refreshingly different way. It's not surprising then, that Philip is fast gaining a deserved reputation with his original material and his entertaining performances.

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Rum Doodle

After a chance reunion in the Duck and Drake pub early 2009, RUM DOODLE was born. Snap back twenty years - The Spotted Cow, a smoky run down pub two young bands bash it out, ..Snakehouse.. and ..Gun Law... Martin Brennan vocals with snakehouse. B.B. guitarist with gun law. After the demise of Snakehouse Martin paired up with guitarist Chris Taylor and spent the next ten years giging around the country. Meanwhile B.B. formed a band with the ledgendary George Little ..The Survivors.. he then joined Steve Sanderson in The Attic, The New Ponies and also had a sortie on the bass guitar with The Chief Whips for a couple of gigs. With RUM DOODLE it is striped back down, two acoustic guitars, a mix of original and cover songs influenced by Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Trad. Folk Music, but most important is the .......CRAIC.......

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Redgrass are the antidote to conservatism in bluegrass, chucking in political thought and folk music for good measure

Redgrass aren't bluegrass - we mix folk, bluegrass and skiffle up

Dave Mays - banjo, guitar, vocals, Dave Procter - bouzouki, eggs, vocals, Paul Whitaker - guitar, banjo, vocals

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Chaz T

A legend among his peers. Peerless.

Wanted for a string of crimes against the way it is

Poet laureate of the down-beat, the down-town, the overflowing ashtray and the last dregs

Members are Chaz T, Allan James Gill and The audience

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