Sunday 11th August

The Grove Festival

The Blind Dead McJones Band

“The Boys” are three of the finest young musicians in their price range. Nobody knows exactly why McJones decided to switch from working with battle hardened top of the line professional musicians to these three. Maybe it was their youthful enthusiasm, their quirky sense of humour, their undying love of the music and performing, the raw magnetism of Ben’s beard, most likely he was just a bit strapped for cash. Whatever his reasons were he took the boy’s under his wing like a goddamn chicken and educated them in his ways, raised them as his own and turned them into the best backing band he could afford.

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Jonny Walker and Friends

It took a few years of sales jobs in dreary northern call centers, car insurance sales and many other places before I decided to dedicate myself full-time to the making of music in public. It has been an incredible adventure and privilege for me these last few years to perform on the streets of England and beyond. It's not always easy playing on the streets. You have to deal with the prejudices of people who assume that you have nowhere else to be, when it fact you're playing because there is nowhere else you'd rather be. You also have to confront the fact that many local authorities take a dim view of street culture and try to make life difficult for buskers. That's why I started the Association of Street Artists and Performers (ASAP!) and have spent the last year campaigning for public spaces that are open and allow a sense of community to emerge. Visit our website on to find out more.

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Hannah-Rei is the new voice in UK soul. Being influenced by artists such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, and Jessie J, Hannah-Rei’s music is old-school songwriting with a modern twist.

Deciding, at age 11, that being a singer-songwriter was the career for her, and adopting the "10,000 hour rule", Hannah wrote a new song every day. She continued her study at two of the best PA universities in the country, graduating from LIPA with a First in Music and the MBF National Songwriting Award and attaining an MA in Songwriting from BSUC.

After a successful spell as one half of comedy songwriting duo, Rocky and Balls, and writing with various producers and artists, Hannah got in the studio and released two solo soul EPs and wrote and produced her debut album Time To Play

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Cousin Jac

Cousin Jac weaves bluegrass and celtic soul songwriting into wholegrain church organ pop. The first LP 'Believe Me To Remain' is currently being recorded

The project of singer songwriter Jez Wing the first Cousin Jac LP 'Believe Me To Remain' is currently being recorded at Mello Mello studios in Liverpool. The album is a semi-fictional journey from 19th century Cornwall to 20th Century America, and features many of the UK's finest folk, jazz and pop musicians. Lead singer Jez Wing is keyboard player for Echo & The Bunnymen and a previous winner of the BBC Young Folk Award

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Tuckoo are Steve Moore (guitar/vocals) and Annie Raynor (vocals, flute, sax, recorder) playing original songs with blues/jazz/folk sounds.

Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo...

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Finding Violet

Finding Violet is an alternative band from the North of England set up to record, gig and release original songs and experiments.

Finding Violet was founded in late 2011 in the North of England by singer/songwriter Gavin Loughlin for the purpose of writing, gigging and recording original material

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Keystone Acoustic

Peter and Pam are having a really busy year taking their style of folk, country, jazz and blues to folk clubs and festivals and pubs all over!

They are an Acoustic duo from Yorkshire performing a diverse range of music for all tastes.

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Joe Kemp

I write and perform music. I play a lot of my own material but also like to re-arrange other songs too.

I love so much music and try to recreate some of the beauty i experience from the world in sound. In sound there is some kind of home :)

Here are some kind words by gig goers.

"I was really impressed with this set, was totally mesmerized by Joe’s haunting vocals and jazzy guitar" - Yorkshire Music Collective

"Joseph entertained by effortlessly playing wonderfully complex chord progressions upon his Spanish guitar whilst softly singing of love and twilight. A superb set" - Azika

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